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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

Feet & Posture

The Connection Between
Your Feet and Posture

The connection between feet and posture does not receive major emphasis in medical education. Generally, the impact of the foot foundation continues to be overlooked. Here is a very brief review:

You are probably familiar with the term pronation, but maybe you were not aware that just like there are two kinds of cholesterol, there are two kinds of pronation. Normal (good) pronation is purposefully directed from the hips to unlock the foot in preparation for the heel striking the ground during gait. It enables the foot to cushion itself on impact.

Hyperpronation(bad) has its origin in the skeletal structure of the feet. It causes the longitudinal arch to collapse and ankle to roll inward, when the foot becomes weight bearing.

Hyperpronation causes an internal rotation of the lower extremities. Because the left foot typically hyperpronates more than the right, the asymmetrical internal leg rotation typically causes the left innominate to be pulled forward and down more than the right, causing an unleveled pelvis and a functional leg length discrepancy. As these displacements cascade up the axial framework, scoliotic and kyphotic curves are exaggerated. The thoracic cage usually twists counterclockwise, the left shoulder usually protracts more than the right, and the right shoulder drops. The maxilla moves anteriorly causing an overjet bite.

We refer to this gravity induced collapse as bio-implosion, and the health consequences are significant. These changes also result in an anterior shift in the body's center of gravity which causes an increased load on the forefoot and increased muscular activity to maintain balance and stability.

Simply stated, the feet can be compared to the foundation under a building. If the foundation sags, so does the building. A forward leaning, head forward posture is common among 80% of your patients. People are and look off balance. Maximal stresses are placed on the body just from standing and walking. Over time damage is done to joints, ligaments and muscles.

Nothing seems more logical to maintaining good health than maintaining good posture. Good posture is the logical foundation for any therapy. Checking a patient's feet and recommending ProKinetics® Insoles is done in just a few minutes.

Over 80% of the population has Morton's or elevated first metatarsal. You and your loved ones probably do too.