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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet
Easy to fit and affordable. An easy decision for your patients because every pair come with a 90 day functional money back guarantee.
Concerned about pain symptoms that come back in spite of custom arch support orthotics? Curious if something better is available?
ProKinetics® Insoles balance the feet and body by eliminating hyperpronation and supination. Stability promotes relaxed muscles.
Aligning the ankles knees and hips leaves the first Metatarsal suspended - non weight bearing. ProKinetics® Insoles eliminate this problem.
ProKinetics - the only technology easily applied to pain control and performance enhancement in any pair of shoes - even no shoes at all.

Why offer ProKinetics Insoles to your Patients and Clients

Pain & Posture

Poor posture has been established as the #1 reason for chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

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Feet & Posture

The function of the feet impacts posture directly. Neuromuscular stimulation regulates posture better.

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Stop Compensation

Most people who supinate when walking is compensating for structural overpronation. ProKinetics Insoles will

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A Value Proposition

Providing ProKinetics for your patients and clients is a WIN/WIN. Patients get well fast, and you become the go to

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How to Get Started

Providing ProKinetics® Insoles for your patients and clients is a quick process that does not require an investment in expensive tools or dedicated office space. The patient assessment can be completed in just minutes. The patient can trim and fit the insoles following the simple instructions.

Becoming a ProKinetics® Insoles provider is quick and simple too. There are no minimum orders and Posture Dynamics can even drop ship to your patients. The 90-day full money back performance guarantee makes trying ProKinetics an easy decision for your patients.

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