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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

Business Management

Business Management

Business Management

Billing Codes

Three billing codes are typically used in conjunction with orthotics. It should be noted that insurance companies have widely differing policies regarding reimbursement for orthotics, so it makes good business sense to prepare the patient for the potential out of pocket expenditure.

Labor is billed in two categories:

97760 Described as: Labor fitting and training the patient to use the orthotic.

97762 Described as: Labor associated with post delivery and follow-up.

Orthotic hardware is billed separately for each foot under the same code:

L3030 Described as: Foot, insert, removable, formed to patient foot, each

L3030 Is billed each for the left and right insert.


If you want to pass our “Clinical Performance Guarantee” on to your patients, it is a good idea to establish a price for the PCIs exclusive of the fitting.

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