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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet


Massage my scalp, my hands, by back; it feels wonderful, but massage my feet, and I'm in heaven. 

Amazingly, in spite of their importance in well being, feet receive so little attention. But it seems the feet get their sweet revenge for the inattention and the bad attention (shoes) passed upon them. 

Feet can quietly and unsuspectingly cause all kinds of
discomfort for their master without even remotely being suspected of causing the problems.

Knees hurt - there must be a problem with ligaments or meniscus.
Back hurts - it's the spine, or perhaps tense muscles - do you lift heavy objects?
Jaw clicks - you are probably grinding your teeth at night.

Who will make the connection? 

Those who do will not lack for happy patients and active referrals, because healthy feet seem to be synonymous with happier bodies, and happy bodies cause their masters to talk.