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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

Medial Longitudinal Arch

Internal Longitudinal Arch - “The Arch”

In this document, when referring to “the arch”, it is always in reference to the Medial or Internal Longitudinal Arch. According to some, the foot has more than one arch, but there are valid questions whether these other arches really exist. For most people, Posture Control Insoles are used without arch supports.                            

Evaluating the patient’s arches is a simple observation establishing if the patient has flat feet or flexible functional arches (higher arches sitting than when standing).

If the patient has flat feet, arch supports generally enhance the function of the Posture Control Insoles™ and are recommended.

Usually, establishing if the patient has functional arches is as simple as observing that the arch never reaches the floor, even when the patient is bending their knees.

Sometimes you may be uncertain if you are observing a low functional arch or a flexible flat foot.

If the patient stands on a pair of 9.0mm insoles and the arch still collapses to the floor, the arch is flat.

Statistically, about 10-15% of the population has flat feet. 65-75% of the population has flexible functional arches.

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