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Sizing the Posture Control Insole™

Sizing the Posture Control Insole

Sizing the Posture Control Insole™

Be sure you have selected the right PCI for the patient. based on FMD and Bracer/Releaser behavior.

Trim the paper PCI template to fit in the shoe. Even standardized shoe sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is advisable to trim the template slightly larger than the patient’s shoe size indicates. Then insert the template in the shoe and trim as necessary for an exact fit. It is important to do this accurately. The medial margin of the template must fit snugly along the medial border of the shoe so the big toe does not end up being pinched between the insole and the side of the shoe.

Both the PCI template and the PCI have alignment marks. When you are satisfied that the PCI template fits the shoe correctly, align the marks on the template and the PCI, mark the outline with a pen and trim the PCI to correct size. Make sure the PCI lies flat in the shoe, hugs the medial edge and does not curl up anywhere inside of the shoe.


If the patient needs arch supports, be sure to test the arch supports under the patient to make sure they are right before sticking them on. (Position them in place under the PCI and have the patient stand on them). Once the components are attached, they are permanent. Peel off the protective paper to expose the glue surface and attach the appropriate arch support on the underside of the PCI in the marked area (or use supplied liquid adhesive).

Fit the Posture Control Insole™ in the Shoe

Many shoes come with sock liners or cushioned insoles. Provided this insole would not effectively alter the shape of the PCI (i.e. it is flat), the PCI may be inserted underneath or on top of this insole if there is sufficient room in the shoe. The soft cloth side should face up.

If there is not sufficient room in the shoe, or if the existing (original) sock liner or insole has a shape which will modify the shape of the PCI, the original sock liner or insole should be removed. A flat insole may be inserted in the shoe with the PCI to increase overall thickness if necessary. (Drugstore Air-Pillow type)

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