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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

Using Posture Control Insoles™ (PCI)

Using Posture Control Insoles™ (PCI)

PCIs are simple and quick to fit.

The traditional foam box impressions used for static orthotics will not be needed. Once it has been determined that the patient will benefit from wearing PCIs, the fitting requires two quick evaluations of the feet and shoes to select the appropriate PCIs. The patient receives the benefit of starting posture control therapy immediately.

Dynamic Response

The fitting process can be considered a progressive process of applying ground forces under the medial column and evaluating the foot and body response over a time period.

The PCI is a dynamic system, and in some cases, the patient may need to have the ground forces of the PCIs changed. The patient will typically continue normal musculoskeletal treatment which gives the provider ample opportunity to evaluate the patient’s response to the PCIs. As a minimum, the patient should be seen after four weeks.

Once it has been determined the patient needs PCIs, the fitting is simple and quick:

  • Measure the First Metatarsal Deficit (FMD)

  • Evaluate the Internal Longitudinal Arch (ILA)

  • Cut and fit the PCI in the shoe (attach arches if necessary)

  • Obtain Feedback from the Patient

  • The following pages will outline:

  • Patient Evaluation Process

  • PCI Fitting Process

  • Patient Management Process

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