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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

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Because ProKinetics® Insoles are not like all the other brands of insoles, store bought arch support orthotics and cushions, they won't be found in most conventional stores.

In addition to our insoles, we think we have a better solution because our staff can enlighten you on your situation and offer you better advice and assistance than your average store clerk—yes, even the running store clerks because they have generally been trained by the conventional companies they represent.

So, if you’re ready to start walking with confidence and say goodbye to discomfort and pain, finding ProKinetics runner insoles is easier clicking here and picking the insoles you want. You can shop with confidence because Posture Dynamics offers a 100% money back guarantee that includes shipping and handling charges.

If you want assistance, you can call us at 888-790-4100, M-Th 9-4 Pacific Time.

A leading-edge store in Minnesota offers personalized posture and gait evaluations by a physical therapist: Gear West Ski, Run & Soccer 1786 W. Wayzata Blvd. Long Lake, MN 55356 (952) 473-0377

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If you're looking to accelerate your recovery or performance, you might want to visit one of our professional providers.

Our providers span a wide area of experience. Depending on where you live, you may find physical therapists, massage and trigger point therapists, chiropractors, chronic pain specialists, holistic dentists, osteopaths, naturopaths and more.

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