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Due to fluctuations in material costs and changes in manufacturing, we will adjust all product prices beginning July 1st, 2024.
Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

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Purchase ProKinetics® Insoles on the web

All but the highest amount of correction ProKinetics® Insoles are available on the web. You may go to MortonsFoot.com, to learn more about your specific symptoms, and purchase insoles.

You should know that although the ProKinetics® Insoles have a good reputation for alleviating pain, improving mobility, strength and endurance, if you have had long-standing symptoms, we advice you to seek the help of our knowledgeable providers or contact Posture Dynamics for assistance. ProKinetics® Insoles are especially effective when used in conjunction with other therapies aimed at improving posture, range of motion, muscle balance and movement patterns. To check if you have a provider of ProKinetics® Insoles near you, use the "Locate a Provider" link above.

Purchase on the web at Mortonsfoot.com