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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

For Athletes

Athletic Performance and Endurance at any age

If you work with young people and athletes, teaching them and providing them with the tools to maintain good posture is a "gift for life".

Athletes want to be their best, but peak performance isn’t just raw horsepower. Certainly power is a significant factor, but in most sports, agility and endurance play a major role.

Power, agility and endurance requires a good, stable foot foundation.

ProKinetics® will be one of your best tools in keeping your athletes game ready and injury free.

Take a close look at their posture, watch them walk, check their shoes. A large number of kids hyperpronate, hypersupinate and suffer the postural effects. Since kids outgrow their shoes in a hurry, the affordable price of ProKinetics® is a key to compliance. They are as effective in cleats as they are in basketball shoes.

In a test with 8th grade soccer kids to learn how the ProKinetics® perform in soccer cleats, we were amazed how many kids complained about ankle, knee, hip and back pain. See our article published by Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association.