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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

For Children & Adults

Help patients feel and look youthful

When chronic aches and pains set in, we feel like we are ageing at record speed. It is no fun passing up activities we used to enjoy. It makes us unhappy and impatient. You know you can help, but most of your patients are not willing to invest multiple monthly visits to your office. Fact is, they'll start to lose faith after 2-3 visits unless they feel appreciably better or the changes they feel are sufficient to convince them they are on the right track. How many patients have you lost because in spite of the improvements you may see, they just haven't been convinced to follow through on your treatment plan?

A quick check of your patients' posture, feet and shoes will allow you to determine if their musculoskeletal problems are foot related. Over 80% of your patients will have significant foot and posture deficiencies which will render your adjustments or muscle work less effective, the results short lasting and ultimately of limited value to most of your patients.

Dealing with pain is always a multidisciplinary effort, and ProKinetics® Insoles, because they are both effective and inexpensive, should be among your first line of tools deployed in achieving the postural improvement that helps put your patient on an effective treatment path and significant reduction in discomfort.

The benefits of a good explanation

Taking the time to explain how the feet impact posture and body mechanics, and how it is hereditary often has the benefit of parents wanting to check their children. If they can avoid it, they will do what they can to prevent their children from experiencing the same problems and pains as they age. You might even find that discomfort they have chalked up to growing pains might be postural pain that can be avoided. We have providers who are treating their third generation of loyal patients and clients.

Dr. Rothbart did two studies with over 500 patients (all adult ages) who suffered from chronic low back and knee pain. They had all been told by their doctors that they just had to harden themselves to live with the pain. After a year of wearing insoles based on the same design as ProKinetics® Insoles, over 70% of the study participants reported significant, better than 70% reduction in their pain.

Compliance and satisfaction is a key to success. In 10,000 pair, the return rate against a full money back guarantee is less than one half of one percent. Less than 50 in 10,000. One of the aspects of this low return rate is the combination of the insoles and appropriate therapy. Releasing the muscles and adjusting the structure to accommodate the postural improvements caused by the ProKinetics® Insoles speeds up recovery from injury and pain.

Efficient, results oriented treatment is the foundation for patient compliance, loyalty and referral. Providers who fit or recommend ProKinetics® Insoles honor their patients by using every tool available to save their patient's most valuable resource - TIME.