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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

For Hyperpronators

There are two ways to reduce hyperpronation. The most natural process is referred to as "Janda" or a "Small Foot" exercise. Dr. Vladimir Janda devised an exercise that can most simply be described as picking up a towel from the floor with your feet (but without curling your toes). Regular Janda exercise and a consciousness about using these muscles when you walk will strengthen your feet. The caveat is that consciously using these muscles is un-natural, and difficult to do.

Traditional orthotics push your foot toward a less hyperpronated static position. While that works well while you are standing still, as soon as you start walking, your foot will still hyperpronate as you move off the orthotics toward toe-off. Bottom line: Rigid or semi-rigid arch supports and heel shims do not really work very well, are often uncomfortable and require special or larger shoes.

Why ProKinetics® work better

ProKinetics® work better because they effectively reduce hyperpronation through the full gait cycle. When the first metatarsal and big toe senses ground contact they naturally cause muscle contractions to counteract the ground force. I.e. the first metatarsal and big toe will exert counter pressure against the ground. The problem with the elevated first metatarsal is that it causes the brain to sense the ground too late in the gait cycle. ProKinetics® Insoles are essentially a timing device providing an earlier sensory input to the first metatarsal and big toe resulting in the foot moving toward supination.

For most people, ProKinetics® reduce hyperpronation significantly without the use of arch supports. People who have flexible flat feet or who suffer from Plantar Faciitis benefit from a modest amount of arch support