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Improving Your Musculoskeletal Health... Starting With Your Feet

For Seniors

Keep your senior patients active and independent

Active minds and bodies are the best way to counteract the effects of ageing. You can help your patients maintain their independence by keeping musculoskeletal disease, aches and pain at bay.

Aside from injuries, losing mobility often starts by an increase in aches and pains. Discomfort puts the walk off to another day "When I feel better". Remaining active in the face of discomfort requires a bit of an attitude, and you, as a provider of ProKinetics® Insoles, can help.

At some point, seniors feel the full effects of life-long postural distortions and muscular compensation patterns that are finally catching up, but fortunately improving posture and body mechanics still offers significant benefits.

With few exceptions seniors respond well to improved foot mechanics. A small postural change may significantly reduce discomfort and encourage them to become actively involved in an exercise program designed to help them maintain flexibility and remain active.

Why should our seniors have to give up their walks, golf and other activities when there are simple and inexpensive tools available like ProKinetics®. You can provide an invaluable service to seniors and they will surely appreciate you for it.

Dr. Rothbart did two studies with over 500 patients (all ages) who suffered from chronic low back and knee pain. They had all been told by their doctors that they just had to harden themselves to live with the pain. After a year of wearing ProKinetics®, over 70% of the study participants reported significant, better than 70% reduction in their pain.

That's a result you can count on. And remember, they're guaranteed!